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Program Details

Major Name: Exploratory (Undecide)

Degree Program: N/A

Degree Designation: N/A

College / School: STEM

Students seeking to become an M.D. or O.D. should major in Biology or Exercise Physiology (Health Professions Track) since the program incorporates course requirements essential for admittance to medical school. Alternative majors that lead to a BS or BA degree that meet all or most of the prerequisites for medical schools include chemistry, biomedical laboratory diagnostic science, and animal science. If the degree does not include all the prerequisites for medical school, courses can be added as electives for the chosen major. The AAS in health sciences also offers many of the prerequisite courses for most medical schools.

West Virginia University does not offer a Pre-Medicine major at the baccalaureate level so students contemplating application to a School of Medicine at West Virginia University or elsewhere should first obtain a B.A. or B.S. degree in a related discipline. Medical schools selectively admit students and final acceptance is contingent upon satisfactory completion of all requirements imposed by the professional school in question.

A faculty member familiar with the admissions requirements of medical schools is assigned to advise Pre-Medicine students. For further information, students should consult the West Virginia University Health Sciences Center catalog.