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Program Details

Major Name: Pre-Dentistry

Degree Program: N/A

Degree Designation: N/A

College / School: STEM

Students planning to apply to dental school should major in Biology or Exercise Physiology (Health Professions Track) since the program incorporates course requirements essential for admittance to dental school. Alternative majors that lead to a BS or BA degree may also meet all or most of the prerequisites for dental schools. Students should work with their advisor to select an appropriate major.

West Virginia University does not offer a Pre-Dentistry major at the baccalaureate level. Students contemplating application to a school of dentistry at West Virginia University or elsewhere must first obtain a BA or BS degree. Students are selectively admitted to dental schools and final acceptance is contingent upon satisfactory completion of all requirements imposed by the professional school in question.

A faculty member familiar with the admissions requirements of schools of dentistry is assigned to advise Pre-Dentistry students. For further information, students should consult the West Virginia University Health Sciences Center catalog.

Dental Hygiene

WVU Potomac State College does not offer a pre-dental hygiene major at the associate level; however, the following courses are required for most dental hygiene programs and can be taken at WVU Potomac State College. Students wanting to enter a dental hygiene program should follow the general studies major and incorporate the following courses: BIOL 101/101L, 102/102L; CHEM 111/111L and 112/112L; MATH 126; COMM 104; PSYC 101 and 241; SOCA 101; HN&F 171; and ENGL 101 and 102. It is recommended that students contact the institution to which they plan to transfer before enrolling in these courses to ensure transferability and program requirements.