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Academic Calendar


August 16 - December 15
  • August 16 - First Day of Classes
  • August 22 - Last Day to Register, Add/Drop, Change Sections, Change Pass/Fail and Audit
  • September 4 - Labor Day Recess, College Closed
  • October 4 (Noon) - Mid-Semester Grade Reports Due
  • October 5-6 - Fall Break
  • October 9 - Second 8-Week Classes Begin
  • October 9 (Noon) - First 8-Week Class Grades Due
  • October 10 - Priority Pre-Registration for Spring 2024
  • October 13 - Fall Graduation Deadline
  • October 17 - Pre-Registration for Spring 2024
  • November 17 - Last Day to Withdraw from a Course or the College
  • November 18- November 26 - Thanksgiving Recess
  • December 7 - Last Day of Classes
  • December 8 - Prep Day for Finals
  • December 11-December 15 - Final Examinations Week
  • December 18 - Final Grades Due

View printable version of the Fall 2023 Academic Calendar


January 8 - May 3
  • January 8 - First Day of Classes
  • January 12 - Last Day to Register, Add/Drop, Change Sections, Change Pass/Fail and Audit
  • January 15 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, College Closed
  • February 9 - Spring Graduation Deadline
  • March 4 - Second 8-Week Classes Begin
  • March 9-17 - Spring Recess
  • March 26 - Priority Pre-Registration for Summer/Fall 2024
  • March 29 - Spring Holiday, College Closed
  • April 12 - Last Day to Withdraw from a Course or the College
  • April 26 - Last Day of Classes
  • April 29 - May 3 - Final Examinations Week
View printable version of the Spring 2024 Academic Calendar

Special Days of Concern

West Virginia University’s diverse student body includes students from a wide variety of faith communities. Religious holidays from different faith traditions occasionally fall on regular class days or scheduled exam days throughout the year.

Faculty are encouraged to respect the religious observances of our students of all faiths and denominations.

When a scheduled class or lab session falls on an observed religious holiday, this may mean excusing students from attending class and accepting make-up work. (Students are responsible for requesting accommodation for their absence in advance and for making up any missed work.)

The  Office of Diversity, Equity and InclusionOffice of Global Affairs, and the  Provost's Office are available as resources to support Instructors review of religious holiday accommodation requests.

The following website may be helpful in identifying the high holy days of various religions:

Other events that may justify an excused absence include illness of the student, illness of an immediate family member, death of an immediate family member, or extreme weather.

Absences stemming from work duties other than military obligation (e.g., unexpected changes in shift assignments) and traffic/transit problems should not typically qualify for excused absence.

If an instructor chooses to allow excused absences for these other events, the stated attendance  policy for the course should specify the number of days that may be missed and instructions for contacting the instructor for the excused absence.

Instructors may request third party documentation.

West Virginia University's institutional attendance policy may be found in the  WVU Catalog.

Faculty members who have questions or concerns about the academic calendar should send an email to  Shirley Robinson in the Provost's Office.