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We’re glad you asked! Many people have this question. In short, Title III is a federal grant program geared toward strengthening institutions. This grant funding helps eligible institutions to improve their academic programs, institutional management, and fiscal stability. In 2021, when our grant was awarded, the Department of Ed was particularly interested in programs that will support students through degree completion.

Learn more about PSC's Title III Grant Award

who we are: the catamount engagement and success team

The Catamount Engagement and Success Team

Abby Shillingburg, Title III Activity Director

Abby Shillingburg is the Title III Project Director! Abby is a Keyser local who has always worked in higher education, excluding a brief and moderately successful stint as a waitress during her undergrad years. 

Learn more about Abby

Shannon Meek, Diversity Specialist

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Shannon Meek is PSC’s Diversity Specialist! Shannon is passionate about working to have an inclusive campus for our diverse student population. If you are looking for one of the best places to hang out, study, get tutored, or just have a cup of coffee and good conversations, The Gathering Place is Your Place!

Learn more about Shannon and 'The Gathering Place

Melissa Dayton, Career Specialist

PSC’s Career Specialist! Melissa has a B.S. in Psychology and M.A. in Organizational Leadership. She served in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard and has experience working within higher education and small businesses.

Learn more about Melissa

Dr. Sarah Cross, Professional Advisor

Dr. Sarah Cross serves as the newest Title III Professional Advisor at PSC! Sarah is originally from Mineral County, WV and has worked in higher education for many years. As a former professor, she is a strong proponent of student-centered education and is passionate about helping students succeed.

Learn more about Dr. Cross

Michele Labar, Professional Advisor

Michele Labar (advisor) is here to help with your advising needs—finding the right classes for your major, schedule, and interests; navigating your way through the college experience; or even just an ear when you need one.

Learn more about Michele

We also have two indispensable colleagues, Lynn Michaluk and Bill Letrent, who assist with all things grant and goal related. Bill and Lynn aren’t always on campus, but you’ll see them mentioned from time to time in our updates! 


Where Can We Find You?

Aerial View of Potomac State College

Good question! Members of CEST are situated across campus to better serve our students. Shannon Meek, Diversity Specialist, is in the The Gathering Place Diversity Center in Academy Hall.

Melissa Dayton, Career Specialist and Abby Shillingburg, Activity Director, are both in the Academic Success Center on the ground floor of the Mary F. Shipper Library.

Professional Advisors Michele Labar and Dr. Sarah Cross can be found on floor one of the Administration Building.  

What Services Do You Offer? 

  • Student lab/lounge for Career Services and Advising 
  • Career Services 
  • Job Referrals  
  • Student Work Study Positions  
  • Student Advising Services 
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training 
  • Career Fairs 
  • Registration Events 
  • Exploratory/Undecided Student Services 
  • Diversity Services 
  • Tutoring Referrals 
  • Student Supplemental Instruction Program (MATH 122) 
  • Faculty Course Evaluation/Redesign 
  • Learning Design Training for Faculty 
  • Academic Momentum Program