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Multidisciplinary Studies

Program Details

  • Major Name: Multidisciplinary Studies
  • Degree Program: 
  • Degree Designation: AA
  • College / School: STEM

MDS is a unique degree that allows the student to customize their education by creating a degree with three areas of focus. Students should choose areas of focus that are of interest to them.

Our Associate of Arts degree provides the first two years of the four-year bachelor’s program. The goal of the program is to prepare students to transfer into the four-year program on the Morgantown campus or to gain entry level positions within the work force.

Career Opportunities

The breadth of study available to the Multidisciplinary student empowers them to be successful in any field they choose. MDS degree holders are flourishing in business, teaching, entrepreneurial endeavors, health professions, and public health administration. They are earning advanced degrees in health professions, social work, business administration, psychology, and law. The flexibility of the MDS degree ensures that students are prepared for success in today's rapidly changing workforce. Continuing in a bachelor’s program will only serve to increase the student’s marketability for positions in the workforce that require or seek bachelor’s degrees.

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