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Program Details

  • Major Name: English
  • Degree Program: Arts and Sciences
  • Degree Designation: AA
  • College / School: Liberal Arts

Career Outcomes

An English degree is extremely versatile. Careers range from chief executive officers to lawyers, grant writers, advertisers, authors and teachers. These are only a few of the professions possible with this degree. Majors in English help people advance professionally because students complete courses that focus on communication, team work, deep reading, critical thinking, presentation skills, problem solving and writing.

At WVU Potomac State College, our literature classes offer students the opportunity to explore the historical, social, political and psychological aspects of the written word. Our courses focus on connecting books and other mediums to the real world and how an understanding of the humanities helps to shape individuals and culture. Courses vary from the traditional literature surveys designed to expose students to a wide range of authors to more specialized thematic courses. Students have the opportunity to study drama, folklore, mythology, novels, poems and film, as well as authors from underrepresented groups.

English majors who wish to concentrate in creative writing may enroll in poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction workshops. Student writers can share their work with the larger campus community at Open Mic reading events hosted by the Mary F. Shipper Library and have the chance to study literature outside of the classroom through optional field trips

The PSC Creative Writing Club is a student-led writers group. Students meet regularly to share work, review work in progress and discuss favorite authors, books and movies. CWC members present works at Library Open Mic Nights and take occasional field trips.

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