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Surgical Technology

Program Details

  • Major Name: Surgical Technology
  • Degree Program: Surgical Technology
  • Degree Designation: AAS
  • College / School: STEM

Surgical technologists are an essential part of the surgical teams and their skills are in high demand.

Surgical technologists assist with surgeries in a variety of ways, including preparing the operating room prior to surgeries, assembling equipment, assisting the surgeon as they prepare for surgery, passing instruments and providing needed supplies to surgeons during surgery, and receiving tissue specimens during surgeries. A surgical technologist may also assist with transporting patients to the operating room, positioning the patient on the operating table and preparing the patient for surgery by performing the skin prep of the incision site(s).

The program provides students with hands-on experience and conceptual knowledge of assisting surgeons during various surgical procedures. Students obtain experience in the hospital setting throughout the course of the program.

The AAS in Surgical Technology degree at WVU Potomac State College prepares students to become surgical technologists and ready to enter the workforce upon graduation. Accreditation will be pursued through the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP).

Admission Requirements

A separate admission application is currently not required to major in surgical technology. The surgical technology course sequence requires 4 semesters to complete and starts each fall. Students who start in the spring or summer term will not be able to begin the sequence until the following fall semester.

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete all required courses and have an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Career Outcomes

Surgical technologists work in hospitals to assist in the operating room.

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