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Program Details

  • Major Name: Mathematics
  • Degree Program: Arts and Sciences
  • Degree Designation: AA/AS
  • College / School: STEM

The field of mathematics provides courses for education; computer science and technology; physical, natural and social sciences; and business and economics. If a student is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree, six credit hours of a foreign language at the intermediate level are required.

Graduation Requirements

In order to earn an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree in Arts and Sciences with a major in Mathematics, a student must complete a minimum of 60 credit hours of required and elective course work.

Career Outcomes

Most non-faculty mathematicians work in the government and in service and manufacturing industries. The Department of Defense is the primary federal employer of mathematicians. In the private sector, major employers within services industries include research and testing services, educational services and computer and data processing services. Some mathematicians also work for banks, insurance companies and public utilities.

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