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Physical Education (Coaching and Performance Science) - formerly Physical Education (Athletic Coaching)

Program Details

  • Major Name: Physical Education (Coaching and Performance Science)
  • Degree Program: Education
  • Degree Designation: AA
  • College / School: Liberal Arts

Coaching is more than Xs and Os. The Coaching and Performance Science major blends cutting-edge sport/movement science and professional development to prepare you for a variety of roles in the both high-performance athletics and recreational sport.

As a profession, coaching has evolved well beyond merely teaching skills and strategy to athletes. Today, coaches need to evaluate and monitor athlete performance from the perspective of both a sport scientist and a sport pedagogist.

To ensure students are prepared for the different specializations within sport coaching, students choose one of three areas of emphasis as they pursue a Bachelor’s Degree: Coaching and Leadership, which focuses on long-term athlete development; Strength and Conditioning, to ensure athletes are physically fit for competition; or Applied Sport Science, which focuses on athlete performance and recovery.

Coaching and Performance Science students graduate with key knowledge in philosophy and ethics, safety and injury prevention, physical conditioning, growth and development, teaching and communication, sport skills and tactics, organization, administration and evaluation.

The Coaching and Performance Science program also helps prepare students for coaching certifications.

Career Outcomes

This is based on the completion of a bachelor's or higher degree. Coaching certifications and salary ranges vary state to state.

Recent graduates and current students have completed coaching internships in the following settings:

  • Youth sport organizations
  • Collegiate sport programs
  • Middle and high school athletics
  • Special Olympics or other programs for persons with disabilities
  • Health, wellness and fitness facilities
  • Campus recreation
  • Intramural and club sports
  • Strength and conditioning programs

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