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Program Details

  • Major Name: Journalism
  • Degree Program: Journalism
  • Degree Designation: AA
  • College / School: Liberal Arts

The Journalism program at Potomac State College is a hands-on, multimedia learning experience in writing, graphic design, social media, technology and teamwork. The department recently acquired 360fly cameras for making 360-degree videos.

Journalism students are directly responsible for the College newspaper, the Pasquino. From day one, Journalism students are involved in the paper. Freshman students volunteer on the student paper writing news and taking photos. Sophomore majors run the student paper as news, sports, photo and online editors and page designers.

Typical of today’s journalists, our students write for both the print and online edition of the Pasquino in addition to posting to the paper’s Twitter account: @pscpasquino.

Students are active on campus making videos and learning new technology in the Tools and Applications class.

WKYW–LP a.k.a. “Mountain Streams Radio,” a partnership with the Mineral County Historical Society, went on air February 2017 and will broadcast from facilities in the College’s Catamount Place residence hall. The station will offer a broad mix of music with roots in West Virginia and the Appalachian region along with information of particular importance to Mineral County. Students will have the opportunity to get involved by writing and producing radio segments.

Academic advising, tutoring, computer lab time, individual attention and small class size characterize the Journalism program.

Graduation Requirements

In order to earn an Associate of Arts degree in Journalism, a student needs to complete a minimum of 60 credit hours of required and elective course work.

Career Outcomes

The Journalism major prepares graduates for advanced studies in reporting, broadcasting, advertising, public relations, editing, photography, social media marketing and related careers. Journalism majors have the unique opportunity to display examples of their published work for university admissions boards and prospective employers.

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