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Aerospace Engineering WVU Potomac State College

Program Details

  • Major Name: Aerospace Engineering
  • Degree Program: Engineering
  • Degree Designation: AS
  • College / School: STEM

Aerospace travel, space exploration and flight of manned or unmanned vehicles continue to gain significance. Aerospace engineering is involved with the science and technology of advanced vehicles, including aircraft, rockets, missiles and spacecraft. Although a specialized branch of engineering, it is also diverse. Aerospace technology has expanded to include design and development of new earthbound vehicles such as ground effect machines, hydrofoil ships and high-speed rail-type systems.

Graduation Requirements

In order to earn an Associate of Science degree in Engineering with a major in Aerospace Engineering, a student must complete a minimum of 60 credit hours of required and elective course work.

Note: ENGR 191 replaces WVUe 191 as a first-semester requirement.

Career Outcomes

The Aerospace Engineering program at WVU is designed to prepare the student for a career in the aerospace industries and in government research and development centers and laboratories, as well as in military mission-oriented agencies.

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