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Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS)

Program Details

  • Major Name: Bachelor of Integrated Studies
  • Degree Program: Arts and Sciences
  • Degree Designation: BIS
  • College / School: Liberal Arts

The Bachelor of Integrated Studies allows flexible learning options with the integrative coursework, aligned with a student’s future professional and academic goals and interests. It may also utilize credit for prior learning. The major focuses on communications and integrative skills that prepare graduates for future employment or continuing education.


Students must have 12 in-process credits at WVU, Potomac State, or WVU Tech, or can be directly admitted two years out of high school, or two years from when the student's high school class would have graduated (to accommodate GED applicants).


  • F forgiveness: Any F earned prior to admission to the BIS degree may be excluded from GPA calculation. Students can apply for Academic Forgiveness to the Program Director; final approval from the Dean is necessary. Once the Academic Forgiveness has been applied, students must graduate from the BIS.
  • Residence rule: A minimum of 12 credits must be taken in residence at WVU (face-to-face or online), to include RBA 401 (Capstone), for completion of the BIS.
  • Credit for prior learning: Eligible students may acquire college credit for professional, volunteer, and military experiences in select areas via the many credit for prior learning options available through the BIS major. These opportunities provide many students with a time efficient and cost-effective avenue to obtain an undergraduate degree. Students who qualify should discuss this option with their academic advisor.

Career Opportunities

Rapidly advancing technologies continue to change the skillset a student needs in order to succeed in the future workplace. Many employers desire graduates who have the skills of communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. These skills are reinforced by the BIS degree and integrative and interdisciplinary curriculum. Not only does the interdisciplinary underpinning the BIS help foster the ability to deal with the complexity and ambiguity inherent in an ever-changing work environment, it can also orient the students towards the lifelong learning that will allow them to continue to be agile in evolving work environments. The BIS also addresses the immediate needs exposed by the COVID-19 epidemic by helping students foster a sense of purpose that can leverage technological transformation to address societal changes. Students will need to be better aligned with the human needs that attend technological disruption, and using the core of flexible communication skills and interdisciplinary approaches, BIS students can be better prepared to enter a digital workplace with an increasing imperative to be one of purpose.

Bachelor of Integrative Studies graduates are prepared for occupations ranging from customer-related area business, Human Resources and similar fields, education, healthcare, government, and other careers, as well as moving on to graduate school.

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