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Bachelor of Applied Science Degree with an Emphasis in Criminal Justice

Potomac State College of West Virginia University agrees to articulate Allegany College of Maryland's (ACM) Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degree in Criminal Justice to satisfy the requirements for admission to Potomac State College's Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.)-Criminal Justice Emphasis. Admission to the B.A.S. is restricted to students who have completed an A.A.S. degree in a relevant subject.

Allegany College of Maryland A.A.S. graduates in Criminal Justice will receive transfer credit for not less than 62 of the 123 credits required to complete the B.A.S. with an emphasis in Criminal Justice at Potomac State College of West Virginia University.

To receive a Bachelor of Applied Science, ACM graduates must complete 61 credits of B.A.S. coursework, as specified in the attached Advisement Sheet.

However, in the case of the following B.A.S. requirements, PSC will accept ACM course work if a student completed a course parallel to the PSC B.A.S. requirement when completing requirements for the A.A.S. in Criminal Justice at ACM.  PSC  B.A.S. course requirements are in Bold.

•    ENGL 102 if student has credit for English 102

•    MATH 124 or MATH 126 if student has credit for Math 102

•    PSYC 251 or PSYC 281 if student has credit for Psychology 205

•    Laboratory Science if student has credit for a four credit science course that required a laboratory.

Note: the student may be required to select a three credit general education course as an upper or lower division elective in order to have completed a total of at least 42 general elective credits.

All B.A.S. graduates will complete 40 credits of upper division credit (300- and 400-level courses) and 30 credits of required 300- and 400-level criminal justice courses.

All B.A.S. graduates will complete a total of at least 123 credits.

Signatures of Dr. Bruce Exstrom, Dr. Douglas Wilmes, Connie Clifton, and Vic Reuschlein