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Bachelor of Science Degree with an Emphasis in Business Management

Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College A.A.S. graduates in Business Management will receive transfer credit for not less than 60 of the 123 credits required to complete the B.A.S. with an emphasis in Business Management at Potomac State College of West Virginia University.  

In addition, Potomac State College may accept additional credits for transfer, up to a total of 72 credits, if the additional course work satisfies B.A.S. general education or elective requirements not otherwise satisfied by courses taken to meet the graduation requirements of the Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College A.A.S. in Business Management.

Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College students who wish to be admitted to the B.A.S. under the terms of this agreement must select MTH 123, Intermediate Algebra, and will be required at Potomac State College to select CIS 114 (Excel) and CIS 116 (Access) as lower division electives after admission to the B.A.S.

To receive a Bachelor of Applied Science, students must complete the following additional criteria:

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Articulation B.A.S. Business Management Page2  

1.   Complete  46 hours  of general education in the following areas:

o    Communications (Speech, English)

o     Natural Science

o     Mathematics

o     Computer/Information Technology

o     Social  Science/Humanities/Fine Arts

2.   Complete 41 hours of upper division credit (300- and 400-level courses)

3.   Complete the 29 hours of required 300- and 400-level Business Management courses.

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