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Equine Production and Management

Program Details

  • Major Name: Equine Production and Management
  • Degree Program: Agriculture Applied Science
  • Degree Designation: AAS
  • College / School: Applied Sciences

Students completing the Equine Production and Management degree will find a demand for their skills and services in occupations relating to the raising, breeding and management of horses. Our programs offer classroom study and laboratory exercises coupled with supervised on-the-job work experience to prepare students for gainful employment in the horse industry or for transfer to a four-year school in order to pursue a bachelor’s degree related to horsemanship.

Unique program features include: hands-on training of horses on campus each semester; general education courses which will easily transfer; elective courses to expand an individual’s area of interest and knowledge; supervised on the-job experience; and an opportunity to show in American Quarter Horse Association approved shows.

Career Outcomes

Career opportunities in the equine industry are available in sales, service, production, management and supervision. Graduates receiving an Associate of Applied Science degree could fill positions such as:

  • Stallion manager
  • Riding instructor
  • Horse show judge
  • Steward
  • Sales representative
  • Farm/Stable manager
  • Broodmare manager
  • Horse trainer
  • Riding instructor
  • Nutrition technician

Equine Boarding Options

Private board: $500/month Usage board: $300/month

Rates include hay, water, grain, and arena usage.

Private board means only the student handles the horse. Usage board allows PSC to use the horse for class instruction purposes.

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