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Special Interest Courses

Stepping Into Grapes and Grains

Learn the fundamentals of fermentation, what grapes and fruits are available, what wine is, and the difference between lagers and ales.  This workshop will explore and develop the basic knowledge and skills the participants need to establish their own home production of wines and beers.  Participants must be 21 years of age or older.

Instructors: Donna Ballard and Tom Sydow

Schedule:  Course meets September 19, October 3, October 17, and October 31, November 14. 

Time: 6 to 8:45 PM

Location: Agriculture Technology Building Room 105

Welcome to the wonderful world of wine making and homebrewing! It is easy to make your own World Class wine and beer at home. But like the first time you do anything, wine making and homebrewing will be more difficult the first time through. After a few batches the processes become second hand and you relax. What we aim to do is to help you make that transition as smoothly as possible, and to get you making unbelievable wine and beer as quickly as possible, starting with the first batch.

Tentative Topics:

9/19: Brewing a batch of American Ale – from boil to fermenter

10/3:  Wine time, with Donna Ballard – fermenting your first batch

10/17: Beer packaging and storage – homebrewing, simple to complex

            style council (research assignment)

10/31:  Donna Ballard on regional wines/festivals and (maybe) Guests –    

11/14:  Pairing wines and beers with food – a tribute to Chef Thomas Vieli